HMO or Health Maintenance Organization is a healthcare delivery system that provides comprehensive healthcare and services for its members. It is responsible for a payment of an insured’s medical expenses, doctor’s fees, hospitalization, clinic visits, and other medical care such as outpatient consultation and diagnostics.

shipownersimgShipowner’s Healthcare Program for Seafarers and Dependents

Shipowner’s Healthcare Program for Seafarers and Dependents is a specialized type of healthcare coverage designed and pioneered by Trinity. It caters the Shipowners’ requirement in providing HMO coverage to its Filipino seafarers when they are at home in the Philippines within their HMO coverage policy contract; and to their dependents.

groupmedicalinsuranceimgGroup Medical Insurance

Group Medical Insurance is a coverage designed to insure members of a certain group i.e.: employees, union, association, etc. It covers for each member’s medical expenses and / or hospitalization due to sickness or accident.

travelinginsuranceimgTravel Insurance

Travel Insurance is a program that covers medical expenses and various losses incurred by the insured while travelling either domestically or internationally. It likewise covers repatriation in case of death while on travel; and remunerates the insured’s identified dependent/s in case of accidental death.

grplifeinsuranceimgGroup Term Life Insurance

Group Term Life Insurance is an employee benefit wherein an employer procures a master life insurance policy to cover member employees. It pays the face amount of the policy in case a member of the group dies within the coverage period (term.) This coverage is normally issued as a yearly renewable term insurance.

personalaccidentinsuranceimgPersonal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance is a program which covers an insured member in case of death due to an accident. It likewise indemnifies insured members in cases of permanent disability or dismemberment as a result of an accident.

hospitalinsuranceimgHospital Income Insurance

Hospital Income Insurance is a coverage that provides a daily monetary cash benefit to an insured in case of hospital confinement.