propertyfireinsimgProperty / Fire Insurance

Property / Fire Insurance provides comprehensive protection for properties and assets against loss or damage caused by fire or lightning and can be extended to cover earthquake, typhoon and flood, other insurable perils, and loss of income from insured perils.

comprehensivecarimgComprehensive Motorcar Insurance

Comprehensive Motor Car Insurance provides full protection for all damages and losses to the insured vehicle, including liabilities that may be incurred for its use.

spcilrskimgSpecial Risk & Engineering Insurance

Special Risk & Engineering Insurance is a special line of property insurance, which provides coverage for machinery and equipment, building structures under construction, and other engineering works.

marinecargoimgMarine Cargo Insurance

Marine Cargo is coverage against loss of or damage to in-transit cargo over waterways, land and air.

marinehullimgMarine Hull Insurance

Marine Hull Insurance is an insurance protection against loss of or damage to a ship.

flightsafetyimgAviation Insurance

Aviation Insurance is an insurance cover for aircraft and for damage, injury, or loss of life.

casualtyinsuranceimgCasualty Insurance

Casualty Insurance is a coverage for loss arising from unexpected events such as accidents.

liabilityinsurimgLiability Insurance

Liability Insurance protects against claims due to negligence resulting to bodily injury or property damage.


Bonds are instruments of guarantee that will secure compliance and performance of an obligation or an undertaking required by law or contract.