Poultry and Livestock Insurance

Poultry and Livestock Insurance

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Poultry and Livestock Insurance Policy is provided to cope with losses caused by the most common incidents in poultry and livestock farming such as:

  • Animal diseases (infectious, invasive and non-contagious)
  • Standard perils (such as natural disasters or theft)
  • Business interruption (caused by death or loss of insured livestock) Carriage/transportation of poultry and livestock including sea, air or railway transport

Note: Other inclusions as may be arranged

What are the information/documents needed for Poultry & Livestock Insurance? 

  • Assured’s Name
  • Location of Poultry/Livestock to be insured
  • Valuation of Poultry/Livestock
  • Loss history
  • Broker of Record (BOR) – form will be provided by Trinity