“Trinity is a solutions focused company that helps identify risk exposures of its clients various businesses and finds solutions to mitigate them”

1. What are insurance brokers?
Insurance Brokers are independent insurance professionals or entities who are licensed by the Insurance Commission to provide a full scope of insurance related-services.

2. What is the difference between an insurance agent and an insurance broker?
An insurance agent represents an insurance company, while an insurance broker represents and looks out for the interest of the insured. Both also perform other functions with the specific objective of seeing to it that the client is properly informed, properly covered, and indemnified fairly in the event of a claim.

3. What is the primary role of an insurance broker?
• Provide the client with cost-effective insurance programs through an intensive canvass
• Purchase the agreed insurance program on behalf of the client
• Evaluate integrity of insurers
• Assist the client in claims settlement
• Provide other services such as annual policy audit, education and training for clients, and the provision of loss control and/or risk management program

4. What sets Trinity apart from other insurance brokers?
Trinity ’s distinct service quality i . e. professional & personalized

5. What are the qualities of Trinity as an insurance broker?
The following qualities are Trinity’s focal points:

• Trinity centers on the quality of its designed insurance programs for the protection of its clients’ interests at cost-effective premiums
• Invests in training and development for its employees to ensure competence and the quality of service to meet or surpass its clients’ expectations and needs
• Constantly evaluates and partners with insurance providers in order to deliver tailor-made programs that address the clients’ needs
• Offers a full line of products and services that meet the various needs of its customers
• Keeps abreast with market and industry trends to enhance knowledge and expertise

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