Electronic Equipment Insurance (EEI)

Tailored for the protection of data processing equipment, telecommunication system, office equipment, medical system, electronic printing equipment, measurement control facilities, TV and broadcasting equipment, as well as many other electronic systems.

Covers all risk of sudden and unforeseen physical loss, destruction, or damage including but not limited to : fire/lightning, windstorm, typhoon, earthquake, tidal wave, explosion, smoke damage, falling aircraft, and vehicle impact, electrical injury, bush fire, water damage, landslide, subsidence, collapse, riot strike and civil commotion, malicious acts, sprinkler and related fire fighting apparatus leakage, burglary, robbery, theft, accidental dropping, faulty operation, lack of skill, bad workmanship.

What are the information/documents needed for EEI?

  • Assured’s Name
  • Address
  • Nature of Business
  • Territorial/Geographical Limits (for mobile equipment)
  • List of electronic equipment to be insured
  • Sum insured 
  • Broker of Record (BOR) – form will be provided by Trinity
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