Last April 1, 2021, Brokerslink, a global broking company, announced the appointment of three new Regional Managers who will serve the alliance for the next two years. One of which is Mr. Au Quang Hien, CEO of Aegis (Vietnam), who will serve as the Regional Manager for Asia-Pacific. With his appointment, Mr. Au Quang will replace Mr. Sid Garcia, the Chairman and President of Trinity Insurance Brokers (Philippines) who held the position for almost a decade.

The Brokerslink journey of Mr. Sid, or better known among his subordinates as SGG, began when Trinity Insurance Brokers hosted in 2008 the Pan Asia Alliance Conference. Pan Asia Alliance was an aggrupation of independent insurance brokers based in Asia-Pacific where Trinity is the founding member. In this conference, Mr. Jose Manuel Fonseca, the chair of Brokerslink (which, at that time, was composed of brokers based in Europe), was invited. It was there that the idea to merge the two alliances came about, and Trinity was invited to be a founding member of the merged alliance – BROKERSLINK – in 2009.

For better management of the global operations, Mr. Sid proposed the creation of the Regional Manager position where he was tapped to take the leadership role for Asia-Pacific. During his time, he organized annual regional meetings to promote fellowship, networking, and knowledge-sharing among the members and global partners. He also created a steering committee to help him in the administrative work. Because of his unwavering dedication and commitment, from the initial ten members, the network of Asia-Pacific grew to 16 members coming from various countries across the region: Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Japan, Papua New Guinea, South Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, Australia, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Taiwan.

With this, let’s all thank Mr. Sid Garcia for a fruitful decade of service to the alliance, and let’s all welcome Mr. Au Quang Hien who will continue the legacy of excellence as he brings with him 30 years of experience in the insurance industry. Truly, Asia-Pacific will remain as a strong and vibrant segment of Brokerslink.

Aside from Mr. Au Quang, the other two appointees are Mr. Benjamin Boudeau-Raimbault, General Director of Fillet-Allard Africa (Ivory Coast) for Africa and Ms. Denise Nart, Head of Global Accounts, Reinsurance and Business Development and Executive Board Member of NART (Turkey) for Europe.