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Mr. Sid Garcia, Chairman & President of Trinity Insurance Brokers

In today’s dynamic and rapidly changing world, there are inevitable  developments and challenges happening in every facet of life. While favorable outcomes are obviously welcome, there are also negative events we would like to avoid and deal with care and caution, or at least try to prepare ourselves to face these circumstances.

The insurance industry was established and developed to protect businesses and individuals from risks of loss or damages. In the Philippines, one company has been an active and consistent player in the industry for the past three decades – linking the products and services of insurance providers to the needs and requirements of customers.

A Promising Start
Trinity Insurance Brokers, Inc. was established in 1987, just a year after the country’s People Power Revolution. Considered as a high point in Philippine history, the event also marked a new beginning and a time for rebuilding the nation. Indeed, it was an auspicious and opportune time for Trinity Insurance Brokers to make a difference.

Founded by Mr. Isidro “Sid” Garcia, Trinity is a fully independent and Filipino owned company committed to professionalize client service in the insurance industry by specializing in designing insurance packages that are customized according to the clients’ needs and budget. Through its customized, cost-effective and personalized service, Trinity gained credibility and reputation through its roster of satisfied clients, which helped the company to become a byword in the insurance brokerage business.

Mr. Patrick Chan, Director of Brokerslink and Mr. Sid Garcia

Steady Growth
From its initial offering of general insurance lines (property, motorcar, casualty,etc. ), Trinity expanded and developed new product lines,  leading to the establishment of a subsidiary in 1994 called Trinity Healthcare Services, Inc.   The subsidiary handles and services the employee benefit requirements (HMO, Group Life, Travel, etc.) of corporate clients and individuals as well. In September 2004, another subsidiary, Trinity Insurance Brokers, Cebu, Inc. was launched to cater to the shipping capital of the country.

30th Anniversary
This year, Trinity celebrates its 30th year in the industry brokerage business. To celebrate the milestone, the company hosted an anniversary and  thanksgiving party last May 18 at the Marriott Hotel in Pasay City. The evening event gathered company executives and staff, along with clients, business partners, and distinguished personalities from the insurance industry.

With guests treated with cocktails, dinner and musical entertainment by The Company, the evening celebration had added significance and meaning with messages from key persons at the event. Mr. Garcia addressed and thanked the company’s partners and stakeholders in the industry for their active participation and cooperation in contributing to the continued growth and success of the company. The company’s chairman also took the opportunity to “pledge their continued commitment in service in the years to

Mr. Jappy Pascual, President of Pascual Laboratories Inc.


Mr. Kingson Sian, President of Travellers International Hotel Group

Mr. Inigo Garcia, Senior Vice President for Claims and Admin 

would like Trinity to be the preferred partner of small and medium-sized companies and select local multinationals as they make their mark in Asia and  the rest of the world.” He further added: “We are now gearing up our company to prepare for this transition. We will be investing in training our people to be better professionals. We will use technology to improve our service capabilities whether for renewals, risk management or claims handling.”


Tribute and Testament

Prof. Edmundo Garcia, Brother of Sid Garcia

Garcia spoke on behalf of the Garcia family and paid tribute to his brother Sid as founder of Trinity. Prof. Garcia proudly declared, “Sid has  combined the lessons we have learned from our parents: Honesty and hard work; loyal, loving heart shared with those whose lives he has touched; and generous service to others, service above self throughout a lifetime.” These qualities he noted are the same characteristics that Trinity exhibits in dealing with their partners and clients. “The people of Trinity are people you can trust, they will never let you down.”

Speaking as a representative of one of Trinity’s clients, Mr. Kingson Sian, President of Travellers International Hotel Group, congratulated Trinity and said that the company’s success is a testament to its EPIC values. “Indeed, it takes Excellence, Passion, Integrity and Courage to flourish in an industry dominated by companies linked to large conglomerates. And for three decades now, you have been a David standing strong against the Goliaths,” said Mr. Sian in recognizing Trinity’ accomplishments in the industry.


New and Refreshed Identity

Mr. Maui Garcia, Senior Vice President for Sales and Account Management

As a highlight of the anniversary celebration, Trinity introduced a new brand identity for the company. Mr. Immanuel “Maui” Garcia, Senior Vice President, Sales & Account Management Group, presented to the guests for the first time Trinity’s new corporate logo, which reflects the company’s “updated branding strategy as it gears up for continued business growth to serve a broader market.”

According to Mr. Garcia, “Trinity as a local brand is positioned at par with global companies.” He further said, “For our clients, Trinity is a strategic partner for the growth of their business with the new logo exhibiting the characters of being “global, dynamic and timeless.” The younger Garcia likewise presented Trinity’s new service capabilities, which were divided into two categories. General insurance covers: loss prevention and risk engineering, specialized cover for emerging risks, and enterprise-wide risk management. While employee benefits include: customized healthcare schemes, corporate wellness programs, and benefits benchmarking and consulting.

To conclude his presentation, Mr. Garcia reaffirmed Trinity’s  role as a growth strategy partner “We will actively continue to move forward to identify, plan and manage risk to secure the growth of our clients across all industries.”