The World Health Organization recommends that adults aged 18-64 should do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity (or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity or a combination of both) and at least 2 sessions of strengthening exercises in a week to improve health.

But how are we going to stay active in this period of pandemic crisis and, not to mention, the incoming rainy days? Well, no need to fret. There are ways to stay active despite the situation we are in. The following are some points from, a global health initiative that promotes physical activity in clinical care.

Disclaimer: These recommendations are intended for healthy adults aged 18–64 unless specific medical conditions indicate to the contrary. Pregnant, postpartum women, and persons with heart-related problems may need to take extra precautions and seek medical advice before engaging in any form of physical activity.

Aerobic Activities

  • Put some music on.  There’s no better way to start your fitness routine than turning up the volume of your favorite music. Of course, it doesn’t have to be ear-splitting or head-banging. Just the right loudness and genre to pump up your energy and your spirit. 
  • Walk briskly around the house. Who says that we need a huge park to walk around? When the weather outside is wet and gloomy, we can still stretch our legs in the comfort of our house. It may not be as exciting as an actual walk in a big oval, but at least we get to move around.
  • Climb up and down the stairs for 10-15 minutes, 2-3 times per day.  If walking briskly within the same floor is not enough, you can take it up a notch by walking up and down the stairs. Just make sure that you observe safety precautions such as holding onto the handrails and watching your steps.
  • Dance to your favorite music and/or follow an aerobic exercise video.  Your favorite music has more uses than just getting you into the mood. If you’re up for some more challenge, you can even dance to its beat as you let your body sway to the rhythm. If you find yourself lost for steps, turn on your mobile phone and look for some dance fitness videos in the internet. 
  • Jump rope (if your joints can handle it).  The good old jump rope. Aside from burning calories, it can also be a good and fun way to bond with your children or younger siblings. Just make sure that you’re doing this exercise away from any bulbs or fixtures to avoid any accident.
  • Use home cardio machines if you have them.  It’s time to put those machines into good use, right? So if you have them, turn them on and start recouping your investment. But make sure that you read first how to use them because we don’t want you to have any injury. 

Strengthening Activities 

  • Download a strength workout app or follow a strength training video.  There are lots of fitness apps and videos in the internet nowadays, and they are helpful especially now that we have limited access to the gym because of this pandemic crisis. They have programs for specific levels of fitness, and they provide a step by step guide on how to do the exercises. However, before you indulge on any particular app or video, make sure that you’ve done adequate research to ensure its legitimacy and usefulness.
  • Perform yoga.  Breathe in, breathe out. Who wouldn’t want to take some pause in these busy and stressful times? Aside from increasing our flexibility and strength, yoga can also calm and relax our minds. No wonder that many people, especially those living in the metro, are drawn to this exercise. Just be sure that your doctor has go-signal if you have any medical condition and avoid straining yourself. 
  • Find ways to do simple body weight exercises around your house such as:
    • Squats or sit-to-stands from a sturdy chair
    • Push-ups against a wall, the kitchen counter, or the floor
    • Lunges or single leg step-ups

These exercises are just some of the activities that we can do while staying at home, and they serve as proofs that being in-house doesn’t necessarily mean falling into a sedentary lifestyle. We just have to make sure that any exercise that we will do is appropriate to our physical and medical condition. 

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